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  1. It is permanently louder until i touch a control. I think i may have cracked it though. These are all presets - some a reasonably loud and some are insanely loud (excuse the pun). I have now set them to the volume I want (all the same initially) and saved each one. From a product point of view when using headphones when switching channels when on default presets is actually dangerous and could create a permanent hearing issue
  2. OK. When i switch channels (clean, crunch, metal, insane) the volume is very loud and ignores what is set on the volume settings. I have to dive for the volume control to turn it down - a little twitch of the channel vol knob tens to sort it. How do i stop this happening? I can only assume these are stored settings. I bought the amp for night time practice cos it has a headphone socket and so use headphones and when you switch channels it is seriously dangerously loud.
  3. where do i pose a question about this amp
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