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  1. Yesssss I got it now! In HX Edit I need to choose which parameter (level, tone etc.) I want to control by snapshot, duh. But then have I another question: can I also choose to have all parameters be controlled by snapshot?
  2. Well guys, thanks for all your advice. But it still does not work. The settings won't stick to the snapshot even though I saved them. The settings are between brackets. The video does not address the 'snapshot control'. And in the HX Effects manual page 35, there is no section D. Maybe it's something to do with the version, 2.81? Really don't get it. Maybe you can someone can advise how to do this with HX Edit that I normally use? In the bypass/controller assign section I don't see 'snapshot control' either. I really feel stupid, but it's also pissing me off! Hope you can help.
  3. Hello there, probably a basic question but just can't get it right. I want to use e.g. the Stupor in snapshot 1 for solo with high gain and level settings. For snapshot two I want to use the same Stupor in the chain with other settings. I save the settings but when switching the snapshots it just keeps the last setting. Finally I put two Stupors in the chain with different settings, but this way I can use one less effect. I tried the discard/recall settings but that does not change things either. What am I doing wrong? Thanks Gus
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