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  1. Hi, Why are the USA JTV's so much more expensive then the one's we buy in Europe (Korean made if I'm right??) Is the quality so much better, do they sound better?? Thanx, Mark.
  2. Not to find on their site......any alternatives??? in Europe perhaps?
  3. Thanks for your answer, but I've got no interface to connect with computer. Comes the interface standard with the JTV guitars? Mark.
  4. Hi there, Got myself a JTV69 variax guitar this weekend, second hand so I wanted to do a factory reset. Did it according the manual. Pick-up switch in the middle position, keep the guitar selector pushed in and plugged the 1/4" jack in, but nothing happend. No blinking leds as described in the manual....nothing. Does this mean it's okay, there is nothing to reset or is there a problem?? Thanks for your time and efford, Mark.
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