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    Wet / Dry Setup

    Its the Best overall tone I have ever gotten. W/D just sounds so huge, depending on the amount of delay and reverb used, without sacrificing what ever your original tone is. Wish he would play a bit more. Still Way Cool!
  2. ne6li

    Wet / Dry Setup

    Thanks too bjnette. Thats what I'm after, just the Wet on one side and Dry kept on the other side. I believe it can do the W/D/W if one would use a Y cable off the Wet side to split the signal. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/YPP111--hosa-ypp-111-y-cable-1-4-inch-ts-to-dual-1-4-inch-tsf-6-inch?mrkgcl=28&mrkgadid=3277456355&rkg_id=0&utm_source=MSN&utm_medium=PPC&utm_campaign=aaShopping - Core - Accessories&utm_term=ProductType2=CablesProductType3=Insert / Y Cables&campaigntype=shopping&campaign=aaShopping - Core - Accessories&adgroup=Accessories - Cables&placement=bing&creative=78477698476415&device=c&matchtype=e&msclkid=1ac6901a46a411c7bc14cc495f88513f Using one of these for just the Wet: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/PowerStage700--seymour-duncan-powerstage-700-700-watt-guitar-amp-head Easy enough if one is using the amp tones and cabs of the Pod HD. If using an amp itself, the amp could be kept the dry tone. A couple of choices depending on the amp for the use of the Wet. If the amp has a line out or tap the signal coming out from an effects loop if it has one. A Y cable above could be used for the effects loop using a patch cord to complete the loop and a guitar cable sending the other to the Pod HD, from there to a power amp of choice.
  3. ne6li

    Wet / Dry Setup

    Thank you so much spaceatl! I like "lots of options"!! Didn't think of the 4CM. I would have to get a stereo trs Y cable to feed the front of both amps. Again, thanks!
  4. ne6li

    Wet / Dry Setup

    Hi to everyone! First post here. Looking into the Pod HD. Can this unit do the wet / dry setup? I was reading through a manual at sweetwater, I am thinking it might. Would like to confirm by those that are currently using it. From what I gather, you can run two separate amps which go to the mixer, from there they can be panned left and right, if understand correctly..... So, if I was running the Pod HD to two combo amps, left / right, if I had delay on the right amp, and no effects on the left amp, would this work as I am understanding it....? Thanks for all replies!
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