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  1. One thing i have found out is that my aging pc only has usb 2.0. Not sure if that could be the cause of the issue or not.
  2. Musiclaw, i bought the unit used and did not recieve a cable. Did a google search to purchase the one i have.
  3. That did nothing but thanks.
  4. Thanks foxmeister. Sadly it didnt resolve the issue. Says the best driver is already installed. Unfortunately i dont have another pc. Part of the reason i bought the floor unit instead of the rack is to have a pedalboard to edit at my pc. Starting to get frustrated. I suppose ill use a friends laptop and see what i get.
  5. Its new just bought off amazon. I suppose it could be faulty but i highly doubt that.
  6. Yes. Using windows 7. Installed the updater. Tried the driver install alone. Installed editor. Tried 2 different usb ports. Rebooted pc etc etc. Device not recognized every time.
  7. Hello all. Quick question. I recently purchased a used helix floor. I am getting usb device not recognized error. I realized that the cable i ordered off of amazon says comoatible with helix lt. Is there any difference between the cables. If not which is what i assume, im not sure whats going wrong.
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