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  1. Right. This has been baffling me for a while... I have my stomp plugged into my mac via USB.... load up logic, all is good with the world, works as it should... Then after 2 minutes (or any time frame) it jitters and then has a tonne of latency.... The only way to get it back on is to go into audio settings, change something and apply the settings.... what am I doing wrong? This has been a problem with three different operating systems and two different versions of logic so I can only think that it is the stomp? Help! Tom.
  2. I have done and tried all the remedies.... from what is said in that post it looks like hx stomp and hx edit should work with the DAWs.... Thanks, tom.
  3. Hi All, I idiotically installed catalina as I thought 'oooooooh shiny', now I cant seem to get Logic to take any input from the Stomp pedal.... do we have any timescales on when this will be rectified? I have updated the firmware of the Stomp to 2.82 along with HX Edit and upgraded the HX Native plugins to 1.82, all of which say they are compatible with Catalina...... I know, i know, im daft to have updated the OS so quickly, but I'm like a magpie and a sucker for new shiny things! Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated! :) Tom.
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