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  1. Thanks for all the replies, I wish this was a problem but something more embarrassing is, I don't get any sound from the headphones out. I have the global setting for headphones on 1/4" and while using anything from ATM50, Sennheiser HD206 and even a headphone amp and ear buds =nothing. Gonna be hard to use any of the products above if I can't get a signal out. LOL I'm using the Helix only in my amps FX loop and thought I'd hear that signal at the end of the chain in the Helix out the headphones, maybe not.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I have an IEM that I could borrow from my singer but it's still not as fast to setup as I'd like when playing live and have to get all my BS ready. I found this post just 10 minutes ago and will try this... I FOUND A COMBINATION THAT WORKS! This Transmitter: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01B4W40VC/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 This Receiver: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073DZMWD1/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The transmitter is plugged into the "headphone out" of the Helix. Then I have a standard pair of wired headphones plugged into the receiver. I had to use a 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter to allow the transmitter to plug into the Helix. There is still a very slight delay, but not enough to throw me off. I put my wired earbuds in, then put a generic pair of sound reducing cans over my ears when practicing w/ my band in the loud lollipop basement. Given the nature of Bluetooth, it's possible that YMMV but I'm tellin you guys.... I LOVE IT! ME SPEAKING These faster BT systems seem to be close to 30ms, which having used for many years on my lead tone to thicken it up in the delay, is ridiculously fast. I'll see if this setup above works and is easy, hell maybe something is even faster now.
  3. Hey there, here's an idea I've had to help my live playing and not run an in ear system but possibly something easier and right out the Helix LT. Headphone out, blue tooth receiver, BT ear buds?? Anything like this or something similar possible? I'm just looking to get a quick and easy solution to stage playing volume issues and my old live in ear system was ok but needed an actual wire to run to a headphone amp in my back pocket then the earbuds which wasn't comfortable. Thanks
  4. I'm using effects etc and also want to edit volume with the send out db level to drive the master knob on the head. But since I'm new, maybe using the return and sends isn't as necessary and the input and out can also do a volume tweak with blocks being used. Regardless, I didn't see anything on the forum to guide the basic user.
  5. I couldn't find a thread about this simple way to run the Helix, as if you were coming from using rack gear, wanted to plug directly into the head and use the heads FX loop out and return like you're used to. Here's how to save a ton of time if you're new (like me with less than 3 hours on it)... Guitar > Amp Head Input > Amp Head FX Out (100% level)> Helix Return (100% level)> Helix Send > Amp Head Return = Was SUPER quiet the first time!!! LOL Time to go into the Helix Hit the patch you wanna tweak (I created user presets starting on the 3rd option down in the main editing window when you push in the Toggle on the right of the Helix) Go into the edit window (where you see two lines across, can add effects etc and each end has a circle) Change the 1st circle (guitar icon) to "FX Return" (you can change the input db level and noise gate if you want vs adding it in the effects line) Toggle over to the last circle on the SAME LINE and change that to "Send Out"(you can also change this output level, I do a volume bump for the lead channel aside from the head channel being louder. DONE!!!! From here I'll look into the 4CM but since the Engl Invader II has a noise gate built in and doesn't need a tube screamer it's not a priority.
  6. Thanks guys for the replies, I got to a solution but at first things seemed worse after I turned PC Send = OFF, it was not responding at all to midi. Here's what my current settings are and worked out to be.... Global Midi Midi Base = 1 (head is on midi 1 also) Midi Through = On Midi Over Usb = On Midi PC Send = OFF Once I changed the Midi PC Send to off, the head no longer changed channels like before. Before it was changing channels but they were just corresponding to hitting switch 1 = head ch 1 etc. At first this seemed like I was on the correct path but I can now see that I wasn't going to be able to tweak the Helix to do exactly what I wanted this way. When I go into my User Preset (say switch 1 and working the way I want) it looks like this..... Command Center Lightning Bolt Command = Bank/Prog Midi Chan = BASE Program = 1 etc This was the piece that was also screwing me up. I needed for the Midi Channel to be set to Base, not 1 or 2 etc. Now this will change the head to whatever channel I want. But Program 0 = Midi 1 in the head. I hate this, Behringer does this and it's annoying to be honest but now I can do what I want. Simple midi head changes with..... Prog 0 = Head Channel 1 Prog 1 = Head Channel 2 Etc Phil_M if you would PM me your Paypal I'd gladly kick you back for your time to get me on the correct path. RD2Rk thanks for also replying, I see where this was coming from now... Channel 1 = PC#000 Channel 2 = PC#001 For those with the Engl Invader 2, I make Channel 4 in the head my rhythm channel and channel 3 the lead. I stored this in the head as the opposite # channel since most players would think Chan 3 is the rhythm and 4 lead. This way other midi pedals could talk to the head and change the appropriate channel to your playing rhy/lead. But the head sounded more scooped on Chan 4 (same knob settings) so I swap them.
  7. Hey everyone, I'm super excited and bummed at the same time. I got the LT but can't get it to do simple channel changes via midi in my Engl Invader II. I've been using midi for over 15 years and yet it's not responding like I'd expect. Before I watch any more videos and waste more hours trying things randomly, I thought I'd come on here and even offer to pay someone who can fix my issue and help me. I'm not even kidding, I just want to get this thing to work correctly and me figure out how to do this asap. Engl Invader II (4 channel head) Midi dip switch on head is on Channel 1 (in the back) I am in the LT user preset area just trying to create the most basic patch I see how to get to the midi control area by hitting the menu button and then the 3rd knob for midi I go to Midi/Prog and change it to say channel 4 with everything else off = Nothing changes on the head I don't want to use the Engl store button if I don't have too because I like having it setup so other programmed gear will talk to it asap if I need to swap out for shows, recording, tours etc. So having it store program midi 15 & cc224 etc is not my idea of a fix here. (I call the first pedal switch on the LT #1 and then go sideways from there so I have 4 total switches at the bottom row and 4 total at the top) When I tap the 1st switch it will go to channel one in the amp, then switch 2 will change Engl to 2 and 3 will change to 3 and 4 to channel 4. It's like the LT is doing matching midi channels with switch 1-4, yet when I go into those channels to see what midi they're on = NOTHING?????? I figured I'd steal the process/chain from the User Preset midi changes yet nothings in there. WTH One thing I noticed is that I can get it to try to change to say Channel 3 on the Engl but it will quickly revert to channel 1 (if I'm doing the midi program tweak in switch 1). So whatever hard midi is programmed in these user presets, I can't get it to change to my liking. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am willing to Paypal the person who helps me out so I can move onto actually using the pedal effects etc. This is so strange and embarrassing I've contemplated returning it and just using the old school rack gear I've programmed flawlessly for decades. Nothing like have 4 pieces of midi gear that all talk to each other and I can't get just one new one to do it. LOL
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