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  1. Thanks for the heads up - i do notice just a bit of fuzzy static from time to time, but I need to just play with it. I did get a couple patches dialed in and the one thing I'm fighting is the clank and initial tone of the strings fretting. I roll my bass volume back and it seems better. That was just headphones, it'll be different in production into and amp. Much to learn by trial and error. Great practice tone through headphones.
  2. I got the Bass POD XT live - it seemed pretty much obsolete - so back it went. Just got the POD HD500X - all updated and connected - pretty straight forward without even using the manual. I have found a couple Bass Patches and put them in my POD HD500X, But I am wondering if anyone else routinely uses Bass patches. Buying POD FARM and the Bass pack seems like a lot of money for a couple amps. Just looking for ideas.
  3. I have read through a few posts and not found what I was looking for. Just got a used Bass POD XT. Decent Shape. I have downloaded Monkey, Updater, Gearbox. Nothing sees the USB connection even though windows sets it up. I am running Win 10 64bit. I don't know that I absolutely need firmware, but I'd like to be able to edit tones and such on my computer. Did I buy a white elephant?
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