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    Help with Helix Native software results???

    Already own S-Gear. It's the best amp software I have yet to hear.
  2. euler1970

    Help with Helix Native software results???

    Thanks Soundog. I've been able to get some good results now. However, Helix Native still sounds digital...to my ears anyways. Is there anyway around that using the Native software or perhaps third party plugins...just curious? Thanks.
  3. euler1970

    Help with Helix Native software results???

    Many thanks. Will give what you said a shot. I've heard some great examples of Helix on Youtube so it must be possible. Is there a difference in sound between using the HX Stomp with the Helix software versus using the Helix software by itself through a third party audio interface? Impedance maybe? In short, does the Helix hardware make a difference? Thanks again.
  4. euler1970

    Help with Helix Native software results???

    Thanks! I was using some generic guitar loops from Logic. I'll try and post a sample here of what I was using. I have an Apogee Jam I use for an audio interface at the moment but haven't had a chance to play any guitar through it yet using Helix. Can you let me know what you think of the clips below? Thanks. The input for Helix is not clipping. Does it sound right? Using the 'PV Panama' preset in Helix for the second clip. Many thanks. Dry.mp3 Helix PV Panama.mp3
  5. Hello, I am currently demoing Helix Native as I am interested in possibly purchasing the Line 6 HX stomp unit. I take complete blame for whatever I may be doing wrong and in no way am I trying to bash the Helix software. I have taken a couple of pre-recorded electric guitar loops in Logic Pro and then put the loops on an audio track that has just the Helix Native plugin loaded on it. Then, I simply run through the different Helix Native presets. The distortions honestly sound ghastly to my ears. Any guesses as to what might I be doing wrong? Again, I am not trying to bash Line 6...it's just that I've heard absolutely great things about the Helix software and would like to hear it for myself. Thanks.