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  1. Sorry to bug out for so long, had a string of gigs that required my attention. You know that might be my weak point. Right now I am surviving on my MEE6 Pro IEM's. I have never really enjoyed the sound coming out of them, they translate the range well enough but always seem harsh and cold. Everyone in church said they loved the sound of the acoustic cello coming out of the mains but the sounds coming out of my IEM's on stage at the same time stunk. We added a Mooer Radar impulse response loader with IR's of a french cello from 3Sigma to the chain in front of the POD. This almost eclipses the need for the POD. I was able to cut everything from the POD's signal chain except reverb. I turn off the speaker and cab in the Mooer and just use a Parametric EQ cut of 10Db at 700hz with a Q of 2.5 to cut out honkiness. Seems to sound a bit better but I am sure my ears don't translate as well as a good set of speakers would. So here is the next question that follows: what constitutes a good set of monitors for my home office? I was torn between picking up an amp next or a small set of speakers for home monitoring. I lean towards speakers for home since I never gig in a place that does not have a PA system. I do not need high volume (you know, small house, lots of kids, can only practice when everyone is in bed) but I do need high quality so I can dial in the exact sound I am looking for. I am game for a set of cans if that would save even more space without sacrificing quality. I need to plug them direct into the POD or the Mooer, don't have a DAW set up on my computer to run everything through. Trying to keep things as simple as possible since I have to set up and tear down at least twice a week for rehearsals. Also working on a budget. Any recommendations?
  2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LbBoSbr-KSo https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ycdk5sSn4oA Here are two videos representing what 2cellos is doing with the 500x. I know the sound they are getting is not a totally authentic copy of a good acoustic but it is close enough to make me happy. Just in case anyone was wondering what sound I am shooting for.
  3. Ok, I built that patch and it was better, less honky. Thank you! Still a bit electric and honkey but have not messed with any of the new eq settings. any suggestions for where to set the studio eq? I was using the graphic eq since it was the only one that I could make sense of, not sure exactly what the options on the studio eq do. yes, I did shoot the cellist a message on Facebook explaining my utter ineptitude and asking for any pointers he might be able to give me. No reply back yet, will keep waiting and tweaking and picking your brains. So grateful for all yall's help! tried to use the looper pedal to record a scale to listen to while I tweak parameters, but once in looper mode, I cannot access my sound chain. Am I missing something? again, thank You!
  4. I was tweaking the closest preset I had found but after reading your post wiped it and started over. yep, I have not closed the pod's user Manuel window on my iPad since getting this thing. I have to google an unfamiliar term about every third line and have fallen asleep reading it the past five days in a row. But most of it is still above my head. i reset the input settings like you said. signal chain now has the vintage preamp up front with the gain set at 60%. Any higher and it gets crackly in my headphones (which are presonus hd7 2x32ohms, borrowed from a friend). next is graphic eq with the following levels: 80hz +5, 220hz +1.3, 440hz +5.4, 1.1khz -10.7, 2.2khz -10.5. I set these values based purely on what sounded good as I swept from one end of the extreme to the other. To much high end gave a stronger signal and more body but also smoothed it out too much and make it sound honkey. next is a BF dbl nrm pre, assuming this is a pre amp but not really sure what a preamp does. With a 6x9 super o and a 421 dynamic mic? Drive at 50, bass 60, mid 75, treb 90, presence 10, volume 85. finally I have cave reverb with decay at 60. all this was done mainly by listening to the subtle changes as I messed with various knobs, although I have no clue what they do. the electric cello, like the acoustic, has incredibly quiet output. I got pestered by my sound guy on Sunday for having almost no output volume. Not like anyone in the congregation would have wanted to hear such a horrid imitation of a cello anyways after having the acoustic a few weeks before. what am I still missing? It's miles better but still sounds too electric.
  5. Hey guys. I received a Ned Steinberger NTXa5 electric cello from my awesome husband for Christmas to replace the acoustic I had been borrowing to play at our church and various youth concerts. After a ton of research, I discovered that both Simply Three and 2Cellos (on YouTube) use the 500x to process their electric cellos to reproduce that acoustic woody resonance that makes a cello sing for their live concerts. Simply three's cellist uses the exact same cello also. i scooped up a used 500x but thus far have been completely unable to get any sort of acoustic tone out of it. Everything sounds electric, nasal, and like I'm playing a duet with a bad French horn. Messing with the EQ parameters has not been successful, though I have never messed with EQ before so there is a very strong chance I have no clue what I am doing. At all my venues I go direct to FOH and was hoping the POD would help me keep the pile of gear I have to lug around to a minimum, meaning no amp. The electric cello finally allows me to fit through doorways again. All the venues do a silent stage since there is no other way for me to be able to hear myself, even with nice in ear monitors. i want to play with all the other fun effects this thing has to offer but I must nail down a good acoustic tone first. Otherwise I just blew a ton of $. Can anyone help point me in the right direction?
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