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  1. Hi, I've had a JTV 69 for about 3 years. Always worked perfectly until last Saturday night's gig. The low E is now digitally tuned to Drop D tuning on MODEL and STANDARD on the alternative tuning. Additionally on all guitar models. I've tried to do the reset of 5 way switch in the middle Hold down model selector whilst plugging in a 1/4" jack Both Alt Tuning and Model selector now flashing red. Rotate dial to the Model on alt tuning selector to change tuning to default on all. Hold down the Model selector button until the lights flash 3 times I tried this several times and the Drop D on standard remains the same although. I've downloaded Workbench HD. It's asking me to update to the 2.0 firmware for the Variax guitar. Does anybody know any links on how to do this? I've been searching everywhere. Many thanks in a advance. Cheers, Matti
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