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  1. How I had it setup before wasn't the 4CM so I don't think how it was configured previously will be relevant with my new 4CM setup with the HX Effects. The built in noise gate is just okay. It's not great which is why I'd really like to figure out how to use the Boss NS-2 with my HX effects with the 4CM.
  2. Just as an update, I feel that I met my goal by tweaking things and creating my own patch for what I was after. As a shameless plug, here's the link if you guys want to download it (it's free): https://line6.com/customtone/tone/4271398/
  3. I have an HX Effects and I also want to use my Boss Noise Suppressor 2 pedal in conjunction with it. I'm currently configured in the 4 cable method. I've thoroughly confused myself trying to figure out where and how I should chain my Boss NS-2 pedal in conjunction with my HX Effects and my amp. Any suggestions?
  4. I'm super late to the party, but yes, it does have a noise gate. For everyone else - What would the cabling look like if I wanted to use a Boss NS-2 in conjunction with my HX effects? I'm currently using the 4CM. I'm not sure where to put my Boss Noise Suppressor pedal.
  5. I just purchased an HX Effects. I'm having a hard time getting the chorus effect dialed in. I know everyone is going to have a different idea of what chorus sounds good to them - curious to see what settings you guys are using. Ultimately, what I'm kind of after is a cross between the clean intro in Dream Theater's "Pull Me Under" and the clean sound in Def Leppard's "Hysteria". I'd greatly appreciate it if you can share out your chorus settings if it sounds anywhere close to the clean guitar parts in those two songs.
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