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  1. I suspect it is the XPS itself. I have bought a second hand Pod XT live and the guitar works fine through that without the battery pack in it using the ethernet type cable. Since I can now use the Pod, I guess the XPS is less needed - I can use batteries if I don't want to be bothered setting everything up. I will keep my eyes open for a used XPS and if one comes up for cheap will probably get it. Many thanks for the help and advice everyone! Now all I have to do is figure out what everything does on the pod - it might take some time.... Cheers - Jon
  2. No, it claims to be an AC/AC adaptor. 9V 2000mA.
  3. Thanks - I have just ordered a 'proper' line 6 power supply, so I'll see what difference that makes. I do wonder if the power supply I bought has the wrong polarity on the plug... I will report back!
  4. Firstly hello all - first time poster. I have just bought a Variax 500 and am having great fun investigating the different tones. But I have a problem. On batteries, it is fine. It did come with a XPS footswitch that the previous owner (who also bought it used) had never used because it had no power supply - I bought it knowing that and not expecting him to guarantee something he hadn't used. So I have bought a power supply (Ebay) which was described as suitable and a stereo cable. Plugging the adaptor into the footswitch gives me a steady red light (and obviously a green light on either the jack or XLR outputs. Plugging it into the guitar makes the red light alternate between red and green - but no sound out of the other end into an amp. Touching the end of the stereo cable gives the normal 'touching a guitar lead' noise and I've tried another (very short!) stereo lead that gives the same results. Does anyone have any idea what's wrong? The foot switch? The guitar? The power supply? Any hints gratefully received! Thanks! Jon PS I have looked through the FAQs but couldn't find this problem...
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