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  1. Well color me silly. I guess I need to go buy newer stuff! If only new gear would make me play better....
  2. Line 6 folks...up your price a bit and make sure that you can update your amps, even without a footboard. Here is why it's smart: I've had an old Spider 212 for years (the old red one). I *LOVE* the sound right out of the box. So I bought a Spider IV half stack, thinking newer and bigger is BETTER!!! Nope. None of the pre-programmed sounds are like the 212, and I spent hours and hours trying to get it to sound as cool as my beat up Spider. So I gave up and stuck the IV in a closet. 4 days ago, I bought a used FBK Express, and took the time to download the editor, Monkey, update all the firmware, register all the products, and learn how to upload custom tones. I am an IT guy, and it took me QUITE a bit of time to get this done. The result? HOLY COW does that amp sound amazing!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it now, where a week ago I was ready to put it on Craigslist. My suggestion, you need to make it easier to load custom tones. Build a USB interface right into the amp. Include the software and instructions in the box. Bump the price to make that feasible. THAT is what sets your amps apart. You should be shouting that flexibility from the rooftops! -Kenny Wickert Former hater of the Spider IV, current lover of the Spider IV
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