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  1. May 24, 2020 9:30 PST UPDATE: found the global reset options, and that "worked". Helix is responsive again. but, lost ALL of my ow presets of course. Can't say I am happy about that... May24, 2020 9 pm PST During download/install of Helix ver 2.92, (from ver 2.71) the process almost completed, but then failed, and now I cannot get the Helix to work at all. The install proceeded as expected, was almost done, but during the "Rebuilding Presets" portion, the unit whizzed through but stopped on Preset 411. I waited for a very long time - 5-10 minutes?- and it never completed. So I turned the Helix off, and back on. It appears to start loading back up, normally, gets to the end of the boot but then displays "Rebuilding Preset 411" on the Helix screen, and does nothing more. HX Edit does not recognize the connected device (yes, the USB cable is plugged in as it should be). So, it appears it is basically locked up and cannot be accessed, at least, not through HX Edit or the Helix unit itself. HELP?! is there a big ol' system reset capability somewhere/somehow?
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