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  1. Thanks for your answer. I think the only way to bypass that problem is the way to insert the right patch and active on/off by my vector loop. For example at PC 15 i wanna activated my crunch and also my patch 15 (edit before with right sounds). It's possible to edit the first 28 presets on HX Stomp or is blocked?!? Thank you so much for all your response, i need more security before buying :D
  2. Hello, i have a Brunetti Vector looper and i use it for controller via midi my H&K amp and my pedal with a looper. I wanna buy the hx stomp to use for effects in my send and return and command it via midi. I read The HX manual and the only way to change the snapshot and the presenta is to recall the specific CC or PC. Unfortunatly The Vector can’t send personal CC or PC and my question is: Can Hx “learn” the midi message? Is there any way to program for my use and recall the preset in prophet way? Any suggestion for resolve this problem? This is a manual of my vector: http://www.brunetti.it/MANUALS/ENG/Vector - ENG.pdf thank you for your help!
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