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  1. OK you guys made me realize I was wrong haha. It is presets. Every preset is set up identical but.... The effects and channels change per song. I use preset as the song and swap to next. Apologies for wrong term. Thank you guys for jumping on this I got a show tonight but I doubt I'll do any changing at this rate Intried to load a video but even compressing it to lowest its too big haha. But I think you guys know exactly what I'm saying 20211016_111905_1_1_1_1.mp4
  2. I tried searching but didn't see this certain issue. I use a stereo rig with 2 EVH heads in my tour rig. I do all switching and effects with Helix and I absolutely love this setup and have been praised by many names larger than I will ever be haha. But I have an issue when swapping between Snapshots there is a small pause in sound. Not volume change it's a pause. So if you are doing a ring out and want to swap to next song which is how I have it setup it will mute all sound and then go to whatever setting are for that next song. But... It still does it even if it's identical setups it goes into meaning if nothing changes for next song start it still mutes. Very confusing lol. Thank you for any help we play a ton of show and just tired of this one annoying issue lol
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