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  1. Thanks everybody for the tips! I tried all of them, it is working now and I dont know exactly why. I opened the expression pedal, cleaned it a bit, reversed the polarity and then it started working, I put the polarity back to normal and it works fine now. I will dig deeper into the global settings for the expression, all I did there was to choose exp 1. I don't k ow if it will continue working, I keep you all updated. Thanks again so much for all the help!
  2. When I connect a expression pedal to my HX stmop using a mono cable, I get a range like this: heell position is 0%, toe position is 0% and in between is 100%. If I use a stereo cable I get normal range (heel 0% toe 100%) but then the helix goes crazy and keep flashing "exp 1 active" "exp2 active" and I cant use it. The expression pedal I am using is a dunlop dvp4 mini vokume/expression I semt the HX Stomp to maintenance service (still on warranty, via Thomann) and ot came back yesterday with a note saying "no issues found" What should I do? (I am running firmware 2.81, this didnt happen before in 2.7...)
  3. Hi! I just got a HX Stomp (wuhuuuw finally!!!). I was wondering now, I have beside the hx stomp only one more pedal to power up, can I connect a daisy chain cable to the helix power suply? The power suply is 9v 3A, I have heard the HX stomp draws around 1.2A, and the pedal I want to power is only 100mAh; so I am gusseing it should fine fine, right?
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