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  1. I've searched but cannot find the power consumption spec for the G10s wireless published anywhere. Hey Line 6, can you publish this info in your manuals? It something anyone doing a pedalboard power budget will want to know before buying your product. Your direct competition, the Boss WL 50, publishes it right here: https://www.boss.info/global/support/by_product/wl-50/owners_manuals/9c3ef389-e27c-46eb-8320-163c61d36957/ WL-50 draws 350 mA I went ahead and measured G10s current drain in two configurations. - When charging, G10s draws 494 mA. Round it up to 500 mA - When in use (transmitter dongle plugged in to the instrument and connected wirelessly), it draws 119.4 mA. Round it up to 120 mA This is with the transmitter and base within a few feet of each other. Possibly there is more current drain when the transmitter to base distance is greater. If you needed the possibility of minimizing the G10s current drain to keep within a power budget on your pedal board, you could disconnect power from some pedals when charging. That's what I am doing. Alternatively you could use the Line 6 G10T USB Charging Cable to charge the dongle: https://shop.line6.com/relay-g10t-usb-charging-cable.html?___store=ww_en&___from_store=ww_en&___store=us_en
  2. I've searched but cannot find the dimensions of the G10s base unit published anywhere. Hey Line 6, can you answer? G10s owners, could you measure and reply? Edit: Well, I did find it elsewhere on the Line 6 Forum: Dimensions - G10s Receiver: H 2"; W 3.5"; L 5" Transmitter: 2" long after inserted into instrument Total boxed weight: 4 lbs.
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