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  1. @Kilrahi I'm def going to try that. I want to be able to use all the mods and delays from the Firehawk, including tuner and wah, but none of the amps or distortion effects, with the 6505+'s own clean and gain tones SMOOTHLY. I'll try every recommendation that comes my way till I know I'm satisfied or not. I'll post follow up results later today.
  2. @Kilrahi Yes, I have confirmed the 4 cable method DOES work for it's purpose, in one setting it completely bypasses my head's controls ( volume/tone ) and all of those settings are programmed through the Firehawk. I can confirm that it is connected through bluetooth in the app. In the app, tutorials had mentioned to put the FX Loop in the chain on the app BEFORE the amp icon, and to turn the amp to NO AMP/CAB. When I do that, I'm able to regain control of the settings on my 6505, but with wildly different results from clean to gain and certain sensitivities to both delay and volume controls. Ideally, I would just like to run the pedal through the effects loop and have my guitar plug straight in to the 6505+ itself like you would any other FX loop'd pedal. I'll keep trouble shooting configurations throughout the day. Thanks again!
  3. First, I'd like to say that I would LOVE for the Firehawk to be able to satisfy my fantasies of having an unlimited effect cache that's ( almost ) as easy to use and set-up as it appears. I've also done my best to make sure this question hasn't been answer 1,000 times before. They all lead back to the 4 cable method; which is still having me question my intentions. My issue is that after doing hours of research trying to find the best method for plugging it in, I'm still not getting exactly what I hear in my ears and feet. After trying every possible plug-in configuration, including double and triple checking the 4 Cable method, making sure my Firehawk app is connected to the pedal, and making sure the FX loop is before the Amp, which is set to NO CAB, I am still getting just chaos with my delays when I go from clean to gain channels. In the past, when I've had a single delay pedal plugged into the effects loop, it remained as tame and subtle as I've set it during the clean, just behind the gain a little bit. An example would be that I use a similar delay timing and speed as heard in the clean intro of Tool's song Lateralis; and when I go from clean to gain with the Firehawk, it gets hi-jacked into 1,000 different sounding delay pedals all at once. I haven't even been able to experiment with other mods because solving this problem would be the most important to my rig. Am I completely not understanding what I'm able to do with the Firehawk vs single pedal set-ups? Thank you!
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