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  1. Thanx but i replace my brokend inserts as i wrote April 3, 2019 and its ok now :)
  2. Why 9V AC Power and not DC as almost every other stompbox on the market? Anyone tried 9V DC i this box?
  3. Here are a picture from when i replaced my piezo, very quick and easy to do with a pointy soldering pen
  4. Hi davehoward23, I bought them from the manufacturer of the xbridge, https://www.lrbaggs.com/pickups/electric-guitar-acoustic-pickup LR Baggs first referred to the dealers in my country but none of the 20 I contacted i Scandinavia had these and did not seem to be particularly interested in helping, so therefore, LR Baggs sent them directly to me, very accommodating and pleasant with excellent support
  5. Any one knows how to read the serial number on the variax? i have serial 05080345, is it 2005 aug 3 no.45 that day?
  6. Nothing made it better so i put in a new piezo insert on E6, luckily i found a couple inserts to a good price so now i have some on stock when next is gives up :)
  7. I think i have some 1200 paper i can try wraped round a rat-tail file
  8. i thought of that but i rotate the seat to the side with less damaged but it is equally low sound that comes and goes, the wear may have damaged the piezo crystal
  9. Anyone else who has had a worn out piezo saddle like this? Maybe to soft metal?
  10. Here is the reason why it does not work, wear in the seat, it was difficult to see without magnifying glass therefore I missed it initially
  11. Thanks, i have done a ohm measurement and it sems to be good ground contact but am doing a good cleaning just in case, i have emailed a couple of musicstores on line aboute a piezo replacement and i will contact LR Bragg, thanks again for all advices :)
  12. Ok, thanks för the link. I noticed that the sound is cracking and disappearing when i touch the E6 string, it almost seems as if the piezo pickup is damaged or is about to break, I saw a link to the Line 6 shop where they would sell piezo pickup but it was removed, have they stopped with that sale maybe, might be difficult to find a new pickup?
  13. ok, thanks, i dont have the usb cable but i can buy it some where and download workbenchprogram, or maybe i can use the breakout box i use to my Gibson LPX with that stereocable?
  14. Hi, i just bought a Variax 600 and it is lower soundlevel on one of the strings, how do i adjust the soundlevel on that piezo?
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