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  1. Why can I not find a demo of the Shuriken NOT plugged into a Helix? I just want to see how it functions and sounds straight into an amp. Don’t really have $1500.00 to spend on a Helix if I’m going to be spending $1500.00 on a Shuriken.
  2. Awesome!! Thank you for that Kilrahi. I was looking on Youtube today regarding different Variax models. The Standard looks good too, actually. I like that it has the five way switch. Seems a lot of folks use them with the Helix, but man, that’s a lot of $$. I don’t think I need all that. The guitars seem to offer enough options on their own. Thank you so much for the boost of confidence. I’ll probably pull the trigger on the 59 or the Standard. Not really caring for what I’ve seen regarding the Shuriken..even though at its heart, it’s probably the same as all these of the models...
  3. Wow! That’s really cool! Thank you for sharing!! I bet that’s a blast. I was just talking about b Bender’s with some folks. Very cool indeed.
  4. That’s good to hear, thanks. Think I’m gonna gona go with the JTV 59, But the metalhead part of me digs the Shuriken... Thanks again for your response, silverhead
  5. ..after reading here it seems like the have nothing but issues. Is it just because folks come here for help and no one posts they’re having a good time with theirs? Or are they really loaded with problems?
  6. Hi All, Im really interested in the Shuriken (smaller scale model) or the JTV 59. Are there really any differences besides looks and presets. I mean obviously pickup(s) are different and other things. I guess what I mean is can they both be set up for the same sounds. Any quality differences between the two? Can both use the separately purchased power supply..so you’re not always on the battery? Thanks in advance
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