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  1. Ah ok, I'll have to get the software! (Wasn't aware about that!) Thank you :)
  2. Hey, not sure I actually understand most of this? I'm very new to guitar, so all I'm trying to do for now is get a somewhat similar setting using my own guitar and my own amp. I'm very much used to amps which have settings for 'tremble, middle, bass' etc.. Mine has a range of settings and I'm really just not sure how to get the best out of it. My amps settings are: Drive, Tone, Volume, Reverb, FX and a choice of 3 different effects. I have presets on the side but I don't think any of them sound right. If you know what settings I could use to get anything similar, I would appreciate it
  3. Hello! I'm quite new to guitar, and have of course jumped into the deep end trying to learn complicated songs. I've been learning to play 'Bullet For My Valentine - Hearts Burst Into Fire', and whilst I have the tabs alright, I don't think I understand my amp well enough to get the right sounds out of it... It's a little different to what I use at my lessons! The sound I'm having some issues getting is the distortion. My amp is a Line 6 Spider V 20 If anyone knows what the correct settings are to play this song, I would really appreciate it!
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