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  1. You guys are awesome. I now have my presets back, now I have a new problem. The factory presets have now reverted back to the factory presets I had with 2.8, the backup file. how would I go about getting the factory presets from 3.01 ? There are several artist presets I was hoping to play with. Again I really appreciate the help.
  2. I believe I made in error in backing up my Helix in that I made a restore point but did not export my presets independently and now that I have updated to 3.01 I can not import presets. All I have is the .hxb file which I believe is just used to restore back to 2.8. Is there anyway I can retrieve the presets or am I supposed to restore back to that restore point, export the presets and then update back to 3.01 all over again ?
  3. When I go to record I set the all outputs to USB 1/2.
  4. Thanks Phil, I think so too but I can't narrow it down. I have attached 3 screen shots below: #1 - Line 1 #2 - Line 2 #3 - Line 3 If you want more images like routing in my DAW or anything else let me know
  5. Has anyone ever encountered this before? Hardware specs below When played through monitors the patch I have created sounds full, all the reverb and delay sounds precisely what I'm going after, everything is exactly as it should sound. Open Cubase to record, I usually dual track or quad track with different panning settings but I only record monitor through a track I set up for monitoring in stereo. When I send to cubase through USB 1/2 it sounds dead. Reverb is gone, missing a delay block from what I can hear, eq is tinny. I don't usually use Native but thought I'd give it a shot, I imported the patch to Native (really inconvenient way they have that set up, why wouldn't HX Edit and Native have the same presets ?) and it sounds actually worse. TL;DR Helix floor patch sounds empty through a DAW, perfectly fine through monitors Hardware specs: 2017 iMac 1tb SATA Drive 16gb RAM Helix Floor Yamaha hs80 monitors
  6. mc0397mc

    clicks and pops

    My apologies, I noticed that after I posted. I am running a 2017 iMac Processor 2.3GHz Memory 8GB 2133MHz DDR4
  7. mc0397mc

    clicks and pops

    So it's been a pretty rough month for me. I have discovered as of today all audio (system sounds, youtube/spotify, DAW, straight from from Helix) has a lot clicks, pops and cracks. I have tried to narrow this down and have gone through the following: Tested all audio on brand new AKG headphones connected to helix: clicks and pops Tested headphones on other sources: no issues Tested all audio through monitors (Yorkville YSM5's): Clicks and pops Tested all audio through internal speakers: no clicks no pops clear audio Through this it has been narrowed down to the Helix and for the life of me I can not find anything in the global settings that has changed over night EDIT: I am running a 2017 iMac Processor 2.3GHz Memory 8GB 2133MHz DDR4
  8. mc0397mc

    Port Mapping

    Good afternoon, I am recieving the following error from Cubase: Missing Ports Helix Audio 4 In Unmapped Helix Audio 2 In Unmapped This happened over night. I have never encountered this before. Other devestating things happened over night including a sample rate glitch that has caused every project I have recorded over the course of 6 months to change from 48kHz to 44.1kHz, pitch has lowered and tempo slowed considerably but I have accepted I will have to re-record everything so I would like to get this mapping issue out of the way.
  9. Im positive the helix floor is connected to my computer. Im the computers sound preferences menu for input and output audio Helix shows up as an option so the computer is recognizing it.
  10. So everything was working fine. I shut off my mac and when I turned it back on reaper could see the helix native vst but it was ghosted. I get the following error: Error opening core audio device
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