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    Opinions on speaker situation for Helix LT

    Thanks for the heads up. Ill definitely check out that channel. My main concern is that the JBL's may sound "smaller", compared to the Alto. Im sure theyll both have great audio fidelity.
  2. pilethemup

    Opinions on speaker situation for Helix LT

    ok. Still not clear. Maybe Im just dense. Which will sound better? For my needs?
  3. pilethemup

    Opinions on speaker situation for Helix LT

    Ok. So maybe jump up some Yamaha DBR10's instead of the Alto. Which would be better?
  4. I'm about to jump into the modeling game. Selling my tube stuff and cabs to go full modeling. I haven't played out in years, and while I cant say I never will again, I don't see it happening anytime soon. I've come to the realization that I get zero benefit from a tube amp because I can never really push the tubes. Playing by myself to a backing track or whatever I just don't need the volume. I've decided on the Helix LT. Although I've had a few people I know tell me to get the AX8, the UI of the Helix is just seems super intuitive. Next dilemma is how to get sound from the Helix. I've narrowed it down to two options. Either a pair of JBL 308P MKII on stands, or a pair of Alto TS310 on the floor as wedges. The room I play in is decent size (13'x30'), and I tend to move around alot, almost never playing while sitting. Cost is the same on both. I just don't know which will sound best. Unfortunately, while I'm within 20 minutes of 3 different Guitar Centers, not one of them has both of these to demo. I could just order all of it and return the lesser ones, but if at all possible I'd rather not do that. I've made a little diagram of my room hoping that will help. Sorry about the crappy paint work, I'm not an artist.