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    Custom tone api

    Api usage and an example have been published here: https://github.com/Niks4925/line6Api Feel free to contribute.
  2. Niks4925

    Custom tone api

    Hi, I've just bought an amplifi TT as it seems it feets my needs. First impression: It's great. But it could have been better with a better application. Also I'm afraid of the lack of support. Will it be possible to use this device in 1/2/5 years? Will the tone cloud will be available? So I was looking for a website to select tones from my laptop and eventually download it. Surprise that's not possible! Well, I've reverse engineered the android application to find the api endpoint. And now I'm able to list and search in custom tone. Example when searching for genre "rock": https://line6.com/api/rest/v1/customtone/tones?format=json&artist=&song=&genre=rock&midi_id=&compatible=&records=30&token=token&appname=AMPLIFi Remote&appver=2.61.0 { "result": { "data": { "count": null, "tones": [ { "amp": "1965 Double Verb", "author": "AParedes", "band": "Robert Cray", "comments": " Fender Super Reverbs & Twins\n\nSource: Hal Leonard 25 Top Blues Songs, Guitar World January 1989 ", "downloads": "64064", "favorite": "0", "featured": "0", "guitarist": "Robert Cray", "hardware": "AMPLIFi 75", "id": "701186", "l6schema": "L6Preset", "link_id": "", "link_source": "", "match": "none", "midi_id": "2097153", "name": "Right Next Door", "pickup": "Humbucker", "pickup_pos": "Middle-Neck", "posted": "12/1/14", "rank": 31.824, "rating": "3", "recommended": "", "revisions_id": 1, "searched_song_id": "0", "song": "Right Next Door (Because of Me)", "status": "public", "style": "Rock", "sub_style": "Blues", "tone_url": "https://line6.com/customtone/tone/deliver/701186", "tones": [], "users_feeling": "0", "users_id": "296001", "users_rating": "" }, I'm still improving it and I will publish the results on github soon. But I'm also looking for people to make and host a website to search and view these results. It's not a bigdeal as all the job will be done by the api (identification, search, download etc...) This is just information shapping.
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