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  1. Well, 44 views thus far, and no responders? I guess it means that (just maybe) there is nothing which CAN be done, to help me conquer the problem. But I thank everyone who took a 'look-see' at my post, and who (I'm sure) WOULD have helped if they COULD have.
  2. Very recently, my brother gave me a TonePort UX2 that he had bought some years back. Being in need of an audio interface, for my little home studio setup, I was very grateful. It is in mint condition, and appears to never having been used ( he uses a Lexicon Omega, that he absolutely loves). This UX2 works fine - save for the mic inputs. I have wrestled with this thing for hours, upon hours - trying to rise above that dilemma. But, all has been to no avail. I know that there's nothing wrong with the mic, or mic cable, because of said mic ( AND cable) functioning just as it should in other gear. Looking at a YouTube video, a few minutes ago, I saw where the poster presented information on how to circumvent the 'mic issue' situation. It involved going into the Pod Farm, and changing the(default) input setting from instrument to mic. But that would, first, require having that Pod Farm program on the computer. My brother doesn't remember any software, and I haven't been able to download a copy of what's needed from the site. I am TRULY hoping that someone might be able to steer me to where I'd need to go, to obtain what is so desired. In advance do I thank any, and all responders for helpfulness in this matter. Nathan
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