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  1. I bought an HX Stomp recently, and fell into a similar issue. Thought this might be helpful: What I want to do is to send a signal with an IR to FOH, and also a signal without the IR into the FX Return of a guitar amp using a "Send L" block before the IR Block . the issue here is that the "Send" block has its own Level parameter, and since a change presets quite often (I run out of blocks quite easily, since 2 of the 6 available blocks are already occupied by the IR and Send blocks), I would have to adjust the level on the send block for each and every preset, every soundcheck before a gig, wich is not ideal. So the solution I came up with is to use a Passive attenuator like the JHS Black Amp Box (Send L>JHS bab>FX Return of the amp). This way, I can set the difference in volume I want for each preset at home, and then use the attenuator as a master volume (I'm using backline amps at gigs, and this is a life saver for when the amps don't have a "Master Volume" knob after the fx loop). also I would recommend building the passive attenuator yourself, considering it's just an audio taper pot between two mono jacks :p https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XH_aH-uJQpc once I do it myself, I'll post the results. If you are using a FRFR Speaker, just place the Send block at the very end of your signal chain and you should be good to go.
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