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  1. Dave23

    HX Stomp as audio interface- setting?

    Thanks for the replies guys... Kilrahi, no worries bro.. :) To re-cap, as I mentioned in my original post what I would actually like to find out is- Can I send effected guitar from HX stomp without the hardware monitoring- i.e. only hearing the guitar (plus backing tracks) from my DAW software monitoring. Why would I want to do this when zero latency hardware monitoring on input is available? ...so I can use additional processing on the guitar signal using some nice cabs+ plugins that are in my computer. ( I have a low latency setup and have always recorded my analog pedal board this way without any problems.) I just thought it would be sweet if I could use HXS as an all in one solution, but if not- I can get the same effect by plugging it into my MOTU interface as I have always done. Cheers, D
  2. Dave23

    HX Stomp as audio interface- setting?

    Hmmmm... that's still not working for me. I am using the Line 6 driver for Mac at 44.100. In DAW (Reason 10) active input channel is USB5&6 output channel is USB1&2 Audio track being used is set to receive from HX 5&6, software monitor is ON When I go to HX stomp "->Output Main L/R" (yes?) ....and turn it all the way down, effected guitar signal disappears. All I hear is unprocessed guitar at very low volume. Probably something simple I am doing wrong, pretty sure basic duplex operation should be very easy with HXS. I like the zero latency option but I would also like to try software monitoring through DAW to try different cab model that live in there... TIA, D
  3. Dave23

    HX Stomp as audio interface- setting?

    Thanks very much for the replies. I downloaded and installed the line6 driver for mac and playback is working perfectly. Thx for the info. the above settings for HXS? or DAW? (= 4 options/8 possible states... room for confusion....) 1st attempt did not work,but will dig deeper later... cheers, D
  4. Love my new HX Stomp, well done L6 ! However... manual uses very confusing terminology in USB audio section....not clear/ intuitive at all...(to my simple brain...) I want to input HX stomp processed guitar to (Reason 9.5) and hear it + simultaneous playback of Reason song. Can any one tell me (in simple terms)step by step, what settings I need to make to achieve this? I've tried all permutations I can think of----> guitar sounds great as usual, but very poor/corrupted playback of RSN tracks. Control panel choices in Reason are : 8 channel in . ...8 channels out (check/uncheck boxes) Audio track input selection mono/stereo HS stomp 1-8 Thanks. D