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  1. Looks like that thread has been locked from further updates.
  2. Sorry to hear that... I know first hand how annoying that is! I suspect that the Yamahas are using a similar (non-standard) 1/4" jack like the 2 conductor mono jack to what Ernie Ball uses on Stingray basses. I actually had a gig last weekend and I was able to successfully use the right angle jack that Line6 provides with the G10S, although I was so nervous about losing the whole assembly that I used a strip of electrical tape to make sure it could not pop-out. For the record, this worked fine and the WiFi was flawless during the gig. I did however make the decision to return the G10S. I honestly don't fault Line6 as this is clearly related to a non-standard jack on my bass and not a design flaw with the G10S. I just don't feel comfortable as-is and the music store I purchased at is willing to exchange the unit and allowing me to buy another system (from another company) that has the stomp box format, but utilises a transmitter that attaches to the strap as opposed to the input-jack design. The one recommendation that I would share with Line6 is that you could have an FAQ page that lists common instruments that have reported this issue just to give buyers a chance to avoid the frustration. Sounds like there may be a few that exhibit this behaviour. David.
  3. Thanks all for the great input. I may try the right angle converter, but I have a suspicion that will make things worse due to more weight. To be honest, I used it in my pedalboard to be able to squeeze the receiver box in between other items in my PB!
  4. I have been doing a little more searching/reading and it seems that Ernie Ball is using a 2 conductor mono jack in order to control the preamp battery activation. The part number they use is M05160 (Ernie Ball part number) and I suspect the design of this jack is what is causing the problem with the G10S. Here is a link to a detailed thread on Talkbass.com about this jack... https://www.talkbass.com/threads/ernie-ball-music-man-stingray-input-jack-discovery.1241229/#post-19145771 Seems like I will need to replace the output jack to solve this problem, unless someone else with a Musicman bass has another solution ... for the record, some duct tape worked for my last gig, but not really the look I am going for ;)
  5. Yes, I have tried the G10S with other instruments but the point is my Musicman Stingray5 is my main bass and the transmitter intermittently falls out. I was interested if others had encountered the same problem and if there is some fix/solution available. Perhaps there is something specific about the 1/4" jack on Stingrays that is causing this issue?
  6. I just bought a brand new G10S wireless system and found that the transmitter disconnects from my Musicman Stingray5 bass when I am playing live. I do tend to move around a lot on stage but it's not like I am jumping around. I tried opening the input jack to ensure the internal pins were not loose and everything was fine. Has anyone else reported this huge problem? As it is I cannot rely on the system even though the wireless function is operating perfectly. I have opened a support ticket with Line6 as I will need to return the unit if this cannot be fixed to ensure 100% reliability. David
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