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  1. I had the same issue. Just align the battery and use a bit of force, and it does go in. It gets easier after a few times. Is there any changes in the design or function from previous models?
  2. I just called Yamaha Australia and they have confirmed that my Variax JTV59 (Serial no : W190101xx) came into the country on 18 Sept; and is from the latest batch made in September. Wonder if that 01 means the first week of manufacture for the year - and that they had stopped manufacturing the Variax late last year. Is it possible it was not made in Jan this year as you suggest?
  3. Hi psarkissian, The local store are insisting that this guitar is from the latest batch made in Korea. Is it possible that the new batch has this serial number seeing they stopped production about 9 months ago. If it is from the Jan batch, I want to return it and wait in case the new models have some added design features.
  4. By the way the serial number of the JTV59 I just got is W190101_ _ On other threads they say that this indicates it was made on 1 Jan 2019. Is this correct? The shop told me that this was just made in Sept.
  5. Hi Guys, It's here!! I ordered a JTV59 over 9 months ago and I picked it up today at the local store. There have been no changes to the design (except for the ebony fingerboard). It has a very high action, and high at the nut too. Am going to attempt to lower the bridge tomorrow. What do I need to be aware of? What possible problems will I encounter? Is there any info on any website about setting up the action on a Variax? Is there an authorised Line 6 service centre in Sydney (Australia) that does set-ups?
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