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  1. SOLVED!!!! Login to App store with a new iphone, download MIDI Memo Recorder. Then go to older ipad, in App store browse recently purchased items. Download MIDI Memo Recorder again, this time it will allow downloading the older version. Thanks Phil for the tip "MIDI Memo Recorder." Too bad most of the other software is also not available but at least something works. YEAH!!!
  2. Sorry, I see this is the Midi Mobilizer II forum. I am talking about the Midi Mobilizer I with the old iphone/ipad dock, not the lightning cable. This version of MIDI Memo Recorder will not download on my device. All the older Line6 apps are not available unless someone has already purchased them before they were updated. I was so happy to see the Midi Mobilizer I still available at the music store, hoping to use my old ipad again and discovered that Apple no longer has the software. Only Line 6 could provide the older version directly and maybe install manually the .ipa I guess, no idea how that would work. Compatible with all iPhone and iPod touch models. (iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch, iPod Touch 2G)
  3. I was just sold a new Line 6 Midi Mobilizer from the music store only to find out that the apps are longer available from Apple App store. What a scam!
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