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  1. Interesting, ric1966 The JBL has a Freq. Response of (±3 dB)60 Hz - 20 kHz. That is not too far from my Laney CX Hmmm.......I'm still a bit confused as to what qualifies as FRFR? Different metric?
  2. Cool, thanks Kilrahi Yes, I was wondering how much this foldback is colouring the sound. If I understand you correctly, it's behaving just like if I put it through a regular guitar amp? It's not even close to a FRFR. I looked it up and apparently FRFR = 0hz - 20000hz, so I guess 65Hz - 18KHz is way out! Sounds like the Matamp cab isn't really a go, either. I'll check out the various FRFR options.
  3. I'm warming to this Helix LT. I downloaded some custom patches and they sound way better than whatever it was I was doing :) So, I'm running it through a Laney CX 1x12 powered wedge monitor. This has the following specs: Equipped with: 12" + Horn Jack & XLR input 3 Band EQ Frequency response: 65Hz - 18KHz I'm told that's it best to use FRFR. I'm wondering if the frequency response of the Laney counts as FRFR? I also have a Matamp 2x12 guitar cabinet with vintage greenback celestions in it. I understand this would colour the sound, but am wondering if I should get an amplifier for it and run the Helix through it to see how it sounds. This is mainly because I prefer the look of the Matamp cab, however I will place tone first. If I was going to go this route, what sort of amplifier should I pair with it? Open to suggestions. What are you running for your home practice setups?
  4. Thanks for your help. Plugged it in to the Mac, with HX running, and it appears to be behaving. I will look at the process, and wind back, if necessary.
  5. Hmmm....screen now blank after reboot. Shows a preset for a few seconds, then goes blank. It is on, just blank. A button and TAP are lit.
  6. Downloaded Updater Installed update Boot up Helix Shows Firmware Version Shows a preset on the screen. Screen works fine. No controls work. Unit doesn't respond to any input. Restarted a few times. Same problem. Help!
  7. Thanks. To clarify, I'm saying it makes me feel stupid. I do think the interface and instructions could be better. I don't mean to say the device is poor. It seems to have a lot of potential. Here's an example of the frustration. Having followed the instructions yesterday, I couldn't get it to work after an hour. If I plug in a traditional looper pedal, it works immediately. That's the difference. One "interface" is simple, this one is not. Okay, this is a more powerful tool. I accept this. I need to read and learn. So, I reach for the manual. Following the instructions, it doesn't work. Not all the possible conditions and states are accounted for, so if it doesn't respond as expected, it's difficult to troubleshoot. I gave up on the manual, and turned to this video: http://www.spencerbruce.com/brucies-q-a-10-using-the-line-6-helix-looper/ It's curious that someone else sent in the exact same question, indicating I'm not the only one. Okay, so.... First step: push joystick control in Result: nothing happens Restart Helix. Push joystick control in. Works this time. Scroll down. There is no looper block. The list stops at send/return Okay, perhaps I'm in the wrong place. Hmmm. Select a different preset. Repeat. Still no looper showing Okay, watch video again. Ah, I see he pushed in to add a block. Silly me. Need to watch carefully. Now I can see looper in the scroll list. A victory, of sorts. Select, select mono, then looper, push down. Hmmm..mine looks "greyed out" Why is mine greyed out? Repeat process. Hmm.... Still looks greyed out. What did I miss? Anyways... Push button D Nothing happens Expected that... ..... ..... Go get beer. Feel stupid. Play acoustic Now, I'm sure someone will point out my error. And I will be grateful. But my point is if that I have to ask someone and can't find the answer easily myself, then the design and instructions could be better. Surely. Or I guess I could just...be smarter. Thanks for your help. I've read all your replies and will work through your helpful advice. In particular, thanks Dunedin Dragon. I think you hit the nail on the head in that the manual makes assumptions about familiarity. It would be good to have a guide for people who are switching from traditional setups. I'm also sure the interface could be made better if the states it were in were made more transparent, or reworked so that it traps errors and prompts.
  8. Okay, a bit of a rant coming up. If, like me, you're going from tube amp and pedal setup to Helix, then be prepared for a geek-level learning process. Personally, I detest manuals. They are a sure sign an interface hasn't been designed well. You don't need a manual for an iphone. Or an ipad. And why not? Because the interface has been designed well. The Line6 interface is okay, but inconsistent. Various buttons change functions often, and, no, hitting "home" doesn't always return you...well, home. I'm no stranger to tech - I know my way around Logic Pro X and have worked as a systems administrator, but this product often makes me feel stupid. If you're thinking of switching from amp and pedal setup to a Helix, be prepared to spend some time with the manual. If you don't see the outcome the manual describes, you often find yourself cursing at the frustration of it all. As I did. Many instructions are conditional. For example "A third footswitch mode - looper mode - is only available if a Looper block has been assigned to a footswitch in Stomp mode. From Stomp mode, press the footswitch labeled "Looper" (if available)". Erm....no, can't see this "footswitch" labeled "Looper". What is Stomp mode again? What does the graphic mean - it's not what I'm seeing on the device? Sigh. There are 61 pages of this. What would be really useful would be some step-by-step videos. What would have been even more useful would be a learning mode that steps you through the functions. I know I need to spend time with this unit, but that's kinda the point - I really don't want to. I guess, in a few weeks time, I'll be comfortable making it do everything it claims to do, but just a word of warning to those who want an instant hit - there is a learning curve. And perhaps a plea to Line6 to put more thought into their training materials. /rant
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