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    Have the HX Stomp since a couple of days. For me as Bass-Player, but not in the metal-genre, i use Effects not often but as a spice with a small but great pedalboard. The Hx-Stomp delivers great sounds, very usable. Found nearly every Pedal i use i can find an equivalent that is usable: Tuner ist ok, great distortion sounds, Delay / Reverb is good, can find a nice Phaser and Compressor. I like the Mu-Tron filter simulation, i have the original reissue and it´s great. The first i´m missing is one of the Studio standards. While a LA2 is on board, a 1176 istn´t! I iconic Comp. Really? Or did i overlooked it? BUT: For most Bass Players outside the Overdrive and Fuzz Bass players, the most used and sought after pedals where octavers. I own most of them. And my favorites are the most iconic among bassists: the Boss OC-2 and a Mu-Tron Octavider. While the second one isn´t as present as the first (because it was very expensive i think) it has a unbeleavable sound with suboctave only and green ringer on. The Boss OC-2 is outstanding with only one octave down or Original + one octave down. But - the HX Stomp is anounced also as Bass Pedal - and non of the iconic Octavers are included (could name a couple of other brands). And for me: HX-Stomp would be great, but had to add two octavers. Don´t know if i will hold it. Or is there a possiblility to make a patch that fits my need? If yes it would be the greates unit i tested. Can you help me of have any suggestion? Thanks.
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