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  1. Thank you for all your feedback, I wanted to get this post out to folks who have more experience in P&W songs / bands. Essentially, you and others confirmed to me where the solution lies, in going back to the original songs, videos, or agreeing on a version we want to do and then each person doing their part, playing their instrument correctly, singers. etc... and it's probably less of a sound issue (though I think we need some help there also).
  2. Other path I am taking, is to explore lead lines and accenting that are in the higher frequencies, just get out of the midrange when I can but it still needs to fit the song
  3. thank you one question how do you feel about possibly using the marshall amp models to get more midrange push ? Great feedback on EQ, I have been looking at the parametric EQ more lately and that does seem promising. You along with others that have responded are on to where my current thinking, to simplify things a bit and go less on mix in terms of reverb and delay. I have been downloading patches from various sites and some of them are great in my room but don't translate well in the mix, so yeah, going to simplify around compression, EQ, slight reverb and delay, and as you suggest boost and minimal OD.
  4. So this is EXACTLY the issue the two keyboard players both overplay WAY too much and it's like they don't listen to the video of the artist at all
  5. Thank you, yeah this is kind of where my head is now, I love the big guitar sound of some P&W bands but I am going to dial it back on the reverb and delays and just go for simplier approach
  6. Hi folks, I am new to Helix LT and may of effects in general (back in day I was more of Les Paul, Boss distortion, some reverb, Fender AMP guy). I play in church band and we have both grand piano and electric keyboard player and usual pads and many of our singers are in midrange frequencies. So my ask is what are some best practices for ensuring my guitar comes through mix ? Our board folks are very elementary (not sound technicians). Has anyone had success using global EQ to scope in to bandwidths in additional to EQ like parametric ? Also does compression help and perhaps OD ? What I feel like is happening is that my sound is getting washed out a bit as church fills up with folks and other people and instruments are all competing in the midrange. Need some ideas, thanks.
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