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  1. i was talking about the Q - this is exactly what i was looking for thank you so much
  2. thank you for the reply - in terms of thin, i am talking about how much "wah" is in the wah LOL. so yes the sweep. just doesn't seem pronounced, not from a volume perspective but a heaviness of wah. and agree on EQ, i didnt mean that. i thought about using an external but if can get where i want would rather just use the helix. thank you
  3. Hi - anyone have suggestions on which wah pedal is best and/or suggestions on setup? I have not been able to get a wah sound that is nice and rich like a real cry baby, I would like one that provides pretty thick & varied wah tone. I keep trying ones but they just sound kinda thin and not that heavy on the wah. I don't know if there are setup tricks or other that I need to do to make this better. thank you so much! Paul
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