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  1. Thanks for sharing...I recently bought the Helix and decided to go with 2 DXR10's and agree they are great. I have owned a variety of POD's and was never happy with the Yamaha HS-5's I had. I initially bought the Helix and hated it through the HS-5 but the DXR10's make it so gratifying. I now love the Helix as much as my amp and pedal setup!
  2. SymphonicDischord-your question actually answered my question! I have been using SGear as a stand alone app and forgot to trigger a channel in Logic Pro for use with the Helix....Duh!!! Thank you!
  3. Hello and glad to be part of the Helix family. What a great piece of gear! I know the Helix can be used as an interface however I have an Apogee Element 46 and want to use that instead. I have tried plugging the Helix into the interface and I cannot get sound no matter what setting I use...Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. Hello. Yes, I downloaded Monkey 1.67 and received that same message every time. I looked at my OS version just to confirm and it is 10.9.3 so I do not know why I keep getting this message. I appreciate your help.
  5. Hello and I could use some help. I purchased a POD HD this weekend from Sweetwater at a great price and thought I would go ahead and proactively download Line 6 monkey on my macbook. I have OS X 10.9.3 and every time I try installing Line 6 monkey it says that it cannot install because I need OS X 10.5 or higher???? Am I missing something? I appreciate the help. Thanks. Joseph
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