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  1. Hi everyone, I'm no guitarist but a blues harp player. Yesterday I used the fhfx on a small, private gig (80-100 people). Harp players have the problem, that there are less effect pedals designed for harmonica (I know the Lone Wolf pedals), mostly we use guitar effects, which doesn't fit our needs exactly, best match in my opinion are effects for acoustic guitars, like the Boss vocalist VE 20. The reason I like the fhfx is, that I can fine tune effects according to my needs, and save them to presets. Most times I go with a standard harp preset, and additional presets which I name after the songs we play, which is very convenient, playing on dark stages, as one can read it on the display, and all the stompbox knobs are illuminated - way better then on my classic pedal board. And I just connect to the PA, tell the sound guy to give me a neutral, clean channel, and have the sound I wish. I don't use a tablet while playing live, this would be to much of a distraction for me, and I know how to edit parameters of effects only via the floorboard, but that is the one thing which I wish would be easier. To give an real life example: We do a sound check, everything sounds fine. Audience gathers in, sound changes - i.e. less reverb. Now I cannot easy turn the reverb up, as I could with classic stomp boxes. It can be done, but it's more complicated. Or have I simply yet not found out how? But I guess this is not a problem of fhfx, but of all multieffect units. Still, I love the fhfx for it's customisability, and get a lot of positive feedback according to the sound quality. Just my 2 cents :) Cheers
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