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  1. By the way, on the original recording, the rhythm was played on both acoustic (left) and electric (right) guitars. On the electric guitar side, the chords were arpeggiated while being played through a Leslie rotating speaker system, giving a lush sound. On the verses, the Leslie was at slow speed, on the choruses it was at fast speed. I suspect it was Pat Simmons playing in his unique fingerstyle on his ES335, his choice of guitar at the time.
  2. Hello! I'm wondering if anyone has duplicated the rhythm guitar sound on the Helix for the Doobie Brothers' song "Another Park Another Sunday" (link below). Any thoughts or advice are appreciated! Have a great day! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blwG5PT71rE
  3. w6fdo

    Looking for tone advice

    Thanks so much DunedinDragon! That's fantastic advice and it got me the closest tone to his that I've been able to get. In particular, the mic and cab choice made a huge difference, and adding some drive to the Jazz Rivet helps with that little bit of crunch. So great to have tone pros like you for advice, thanks again. =)
  4. I own the exact same guitar that Vinai T uses in this video, however I'm struggling to find the tone he has on my Helix using amp and effects combinations. Any suggestions on what to try from you tone pros would be super appreciated. =) Thank you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSyLwFKZtgY
  5. Yeah, I not a good communicator when it comes to tone. What I've meant to convey is that I've heard a certain character of tone from some Les Pauls that I haven't been able to match with my own. But with the help of those here on this site I decided to change my pickups from the 57's to some small wind PAF clones, and now I'm very glad I did (a bit of a challenge with Gibson's plug-in pickups using the new molex connector and a circuit board). That character is there now, so I get to play around with it. =) Now I look forward to playing with the Helix amps with these new pickups, as they are so much better. THANK YOU to everyone who replied!!!
  6. Thanks for the great advice! I'm looking into low wind pickups now and in the meantime have been playing around more with the Twin Reverb tones. Still don't know what to call that sound, but Greg Lake's electric solo on "From the Beginning" has that tone too... =)
  7. Thank you!! I've been considering trying some different pickups anyways.
  8. LOL! Yeah, I'm horrible at describing tones. "It sounds pungent" Hahaha
  9. Maybe the better term is "throaty"? ;)
  10. Oh, definitely not sure, although I think it sounds like one. Right channel. The closest I've been able to get to that tone so far is through a Fender Twin Reverb amp/cabinet in Amplitube using the bridge pickup. Wasn't able to replicate as well using the US Double (Nrm & Vib), but I'm a newbie at tone finding. =)
  11. Yeah, really. I don't really have a word for that sound so that's why I added the Bread sample. =)
  12. Hello! I'm having a tough time getting this sound: https://youtu.be/pl7U2jy1wMQ?t=15 out of my Les Paul. I own a Helix LT. My Les Paul has the 57 classic pickups. Any suggestions or advice on patch settings would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
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