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  1. Yup the hub has it's own power supply. I'm going looking for a new hub now since that's the one I use for my E drum kit and MIDI keyboard too. Thanks a ton for your help, I'm good with a lot of technology stuff, but the electronics and noise from power has always just stupefied me haha.
  2. Looks like it's an issue with the USB hub I was using. I tried it plugged into my other hub and we are golden. Weird but I'm glad it seems to be something minor!
  3. Thanks for the reply! I just checked those couple things out. so connected to amp in from 1/4 out it makes the buzz if the helix is connected to power or not. Interestingly I knocked my USB cable out when I was taking the power out and that is actually what stopped the noise. I tried another USB cable with the same effect. As soon as it was plugged in I got the noise again, but if I unplug the USB it goes away.
  4. Actually scratch that we are back to it making the same noise this morning. I find it interesting that it makes the buzz/crackle even if the Helix is off. It stops if I unplug the cord that is going from my 1/4" out to the return on my amp.
  5. Not sure exactly what thing I did that fixed the issue, but after hours of trying cables, plugging in different instruments and trying out with my interface instead of amp I finally got it working. The last things I did was to update again to 3.01, factory reset, and restore my backup. I had already done this before with no change, but this time it seemed to do the trick.
  6. Thanks for the reply, yes I have tried with wireless all switched off and straight from guitar into Helix. Same issues. I can plug from the 1/4" out to my interface and turn up my preamp a tiny bit and start to hear the crackle even without a guitar plugged in/playing etc. The same thing happens if I take a 1/4" out from the wireless unit, not even playing it or anything. If I just use my basses and head I have no issues, but as soon as I add either of my Line 6 products to the mix I start to get issues.
  7. So I've been having audio issues since I upgraded to 3.0. Yes I tried 3.01 and still had the same issues. Right now I went back to 2.92 and I'm still having issues. Here's my setup currently. Ibanez EHB1505ms wireless to a Line 6 Relay G90. The only non stock thing in the wireless is I'm using a Shure WA304 cable since the original one crapped out. Cable out from wireless to in on LT. Using the Send/Return loop 1 into and out my Darkglass MT900v2 bass head, then out the 1/4 output to the return on the head. The head is connected with a speak on cable to a Hartke HD410 cabinet. I have checked all 4 cables in my snake straight from bass to amp with no buzzing. As soon as I plug anything from either the send or 1/4 out into my amp the buzz begins and it is audible as long as the volume is up on my head even if I mute the amp head, but is not there if nothing is coming from the Helix. Now I thought this was the Helix for sure and started a support ticket, but now I'm not so sure because I also tried just going straight from the wireless to the input on the head and am getting the same thing. Anyone have any ideas? I've tried downgrading and factory resetting my Helix with no change, and the wireless causing the same problem is throwing me for a loop.
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