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  1. @fflbrgst so I only have one cable, I'm going to bring it over to a buddies house later next week and try some of his cables. As far as reversing the cable, I have tried that. I have two bass's with active preamps, only one of them works with the amp. I have a different bass when passive pickups, and that one doesn't work with the amp either. As far as has it suddenly stopped working, no for the longest time I thought it was on my guitars end as the amp worked with one of me other instruments but never the other. Now after getting several other instruments and it being kinda dicey (all work on my other things, only 2/5 work with my amp) I'm really thinking it's on the amp ens
  2. having a weird issue: two of my guitars fail to have sound pass properly through the amp the amp still produces noise like when I hold the other end of the input cable. at first I thought it was my input cable, but the amp works fine with my other two instruments I have on hand with the same cable. So then I thought it was my guitars, but then I tested them on several other things I have around (an audio interface, a little portable amp that plugs into the jack, even the crappy cable that comes with that rocksmith game works with the instruments) This has led me to believe that it must be something is wrong with the actual amp its self. tried a factory reset, still no luck. any ideas? im going to look into taking it to a service center but I'm kinda lost. no idea why it works with some instruments and not others