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  1. Since updating to 2.81 I can no longer drag and drop in HX Edit. Not a big deal re moving blocks around but I don't know of a way to create splits in HX Edit other than drag and drop. Helix v2.8.1, HX Edit v2.8.1, Windows 10, and I followed upgrade instructions to the letter. Anyone else having this problem? Bill
  2. Never mind, I found my answer, linked below. Sorry for not searching the forum more thoroughly before I posted!
  3. Switching between the onboard Exp 1 and Exp 2 using the pedal's toe switch always maxes the pedal position. For example, if I have Volume on 1 and Delay Mix on 2, delay mix will always max as I switch back to volume. Is there a way to switch between onboard Exp 1 and Exp 2 using a different switch so that the pedal position is retained? I rarely use wah and Iā€™m trying to avoid using another external pedal. Thanks!
  4. Thanks lungho! I'm really looking forward to taking delivery of this thing.
  5. I'm anxiously awaiting delivery of a Helix Floor and I'm wondering if there are after-market software/IOS app options to consider in addition to the obvious Line 6 editor/driver for my PC. (I've got an Axe-Fx that I'll be leaving at home now and I'm comfortable with diving deep.) Anything else a newby needs to know? Thanks in advance!
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