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  1. DeadNoMore

    XLR Port

    Haven’t gotten a response from the rep yet. I zoomed in on the picture of the back of the unit on the web site and it shows the mono without the metal clip but the right channel has it. According to the store, they had 5 other stores check and found the same thing. Doesn’t answer why the first one I got had the metal on both.
  2. DeadNoMore

    XLR Port

    I’m starting to think it is the design. Finally found a topic similar on this forum. One person showed both and another only had it on the right channel. I have the store checking with the rep. I looked on line 6 website and the picture there looks like mono doesn’t have it. Confusing since the first one had it but it was definitely defective. Not sure still but I will keep the community posted. Anyone else have input? How do your XLR inputs look?
  3. DeadNoMore

    XLR Port

    Both have the metal plate on both inputs? Or is the mono missing it? Just need clarification. Thanks
  4. DeadNoMore

    XLR Port

    Anyone here have an issue with the XLR port being defective? I am on my third Helix straight from the store. First one the metal piece that locks the cable to the Helix would slide into the peddle and not lock. I would pull it back out but when you try to plug in, it just slides in again. Had the store get me a new one and I just got back. Straight out of the box, factory sealed for sure, the mono port was completely missing the metal clip that the cable locks into and the right had it. Is is this just my bad luck or is this a known issue? They store is now tracking down a third Helix to try to get it right. I’m just curious if anyone else has had similar issues with their XLR hook ups. Thanks, Dead