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  1. Thanks everyone; rzumwalt, it looks like the levels were just too low, even though the IRs were put in parallel. I boosted the output and then changed the mix to 50% for each, so now I get good tone. The reason why I reduced the mix for each IR to 50% is because I get a slight amount of latency if they are at 100%. DunedinDragon -- I just found out how to do the dual cab setup, so I might mess with that some more.
  2. Hi all, been having fun with my Helix LT and enjoy using the toneblend presets to mix together multiple amps/cabs in my presets. I came across a bevvy of IRs (thanks to all those in the forum who have posted those locations), but the problem I have is that I cannot have more than one IR in a preset at a time. If I have two IRs on, the Helix mutes, but if I turn one off, I get tone. What am I doing wrong?
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