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  1. Thanks kduck. These two options look great. Step 3 in both options you provided that involve the NS2 loop and the Helix loop is what I was having some trouble wrapping my head around. Going to give these both a shot. And yeah, the NS2 is only for my fuzz and overdrives, don't need it for the preamp in the Orange. Appreciate it.
  2. That's audio clipping due to the input to your DAW being too hot. Try lowering the output of the helix a bit and see if it cleans up. Nothing to do with the guitar pickups (I have a Gibson LP Studio that has 498t/490r pickups that are very similar to yours) or the helix. It's one of the many things to be mindful of when moving from analog recording into the digital world, when analog saturates from high gain, digital clips and sounds like someone crumbling up a bag of chips.
  3. Hello Helix Users, I am hoping someone can help integrate the Helix Floor into my current guitar signal path which is all stomp boxes and an amp. I've attached a diagram that shows how I'm currently set up in my studio to record guitar. The current signal chain is as follows which uses the Boss NS2 to tame some extremely noisy Fuzz/Overdrive pedals (which I can't live without and don't have drop in replacements in the Helix): Guitar --> Plasma Pedal --> Boss NS2 --> Oil Can Delay Pedal --> Amp Effects Loop Return. Boss NS2 Return --> Amp Effects Loop Send. Boss NS2 Send --> Overdrive --> Fuzz --> Amp Input Amp Speaker Out --> Load Box --> Audio Interface --> DAW What I would like to do is be able to keep this current signal chain pretty much as is but integrate the Helix to use it for effects and cabinet sims and impulse responses. I really like the Helix and I've used it with stomp boxes going into the effects loop but the dirt pedals I use really need a dedicated noise suppressor (as I could never get the ones in the Helix to do any good) and the Boss NS2 does a fine job of it. Ultimately what would be ideal is if I could have the dirt pedals in an FX Loop block, the delay in another FX Loop Block and my Amp in yet another or something very similar. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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