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  1. Hello! HX Stomp is taking me to tuner mode whenever I turn it up. I think I have checked all the settings, but somehow I can't find a way to turn off this function. Or is it a bug?
  2. Very cool tip, thanks! Didn't even notice that there is Mic Preamp, which is actually very good. And yes, I tend to lean more towards DI sound. I think I should skip the idea, that it is possible to get the tone I imagined with Amp and Cab settings, although there is a way I mentioned in a comment above - by turning Amp drive to zero and mixing Cab IR to just a few %
  3. Totally agree about post processing as a crucial part for the tone, but I always preferred to start with good input source on a first and rely on post processing after it, not the other way around. IMHO, instruments should sound good (or bad, depending on genre :) also in solo mode. There might be parts in a songs, where only guitar is audible (intros, for example) so it is not just about the fact how it sits in the mix together with other instruments. Btw, examples I provided already has a light compression and even a reverb applied on a guitar sound. I'm just curious to hear what's the tricks for amp+cab settings of HX Stomp to get best results for clean rhythm guitar sounds. Cabs tend to make a guitar sound to be a bit "boxy" and in a conjunction with Amp signal gets too "hot" for that quacky Strat tone I'm after. Just listen if you have a time to this song by INXS as an example. So far I have noticed that lovering volume on a guitar and turning IR Cabs mix not more than 35% does the job, but still... not quite there yet
  4. Hey, guys, would like to hear your thoughts! I’m currently working on a track for project, which requires some guitar sounds that is very common in disco/funk records (think of Nile Rodgers, Curtis Mayfield, Prince maybe). So far I've had great success to get some lovely distorted/effected tones out of Hx stomp, but when it comes to clean tone for rhythm guitar, it gets a bit tricky. For me the the challenge is to find most "transparent" amp and cab combo setting so it doesn't overdrive and "break" tone too much. I know, that one of the tricks that is actually used by the artists mentioned above is to record just DI, without a cab, but this kind of sound in my case is a bit too dry and sterile (most probably because I don't have analogue API Channel Strip :) and I'd also like to keep the opportunity to achieve similar sound when playing live with HX, if it'll be needed later. Anyway, here is the 5 different setting audio clips with two guitar lines playing together. Guitar used: Fender Stratocaster Player series, pickup position: middle + neck Tell me what you think. I know, the right answer would be “trust your ears”, but I’d really like to hear opinions and recommendations as I’m new to stombox world and there is definitely room for improvement. 1) DI, without Amp and Cab 2) Amp: Us Double Vib, Cab: IR OH 412 MRBW MED OH1-05 (Ownhammers 1971 Marshall 1960B) 3) Amp: Us Deluxe Vib, Cab: 1x12 US Deluxe 4) Amp: Jazz Rivet 120, Cab: IR 1960-G12M25-SM57-CapEdge45-6in ( Redwirez Marshall 160A) 5) Amp: Jazz Rivet 120, Cab: IR 1960-G12M25-SM57-CapEdge45-6in ( Redwirez Marshall 160A) with Cab Mix being 35% Thanks!
  5. Hi! Trying to find an expression pedal for HX Stomp to control its effect parameters. Looking for something that can be used also for other gear like Moogerfooger, synths, etc. (not simultaneously!) The problem is that Line6 is compatible with TS pedals while others - TRS. Can you, please, help me clarify these things: - Is there an expression pedal that can be used both as TS and TRS? - is that what the polarity switch in some pedals is made for? Like EHX, Dunlop DVP4...? thanks!
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