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  1. It is certainly possible. But there isn't a lot of info that I've been able to locate on dialing in an accurate representation of what I hear out of my guitar. Just looking for tips to help, and to see if Line 6 may be doing any specific acoustic work.
  2. Ok, we'll chalk it up to a misunderstanding. In my experience with forums and social media, all caps and and an exclamation point denote yelling, frustration, anger, or veiled name calling. I have searched "Acoustic". I've combed through dozens and dozens of posts and haven't found anything similar to my post. Not saying they don't exist, I'm just not having any success locating them. Thank you for your help. David
  3. Well, I'm new to this forum and how it works. Couldn't find a search tool when using my phone. Before you use all caps and and exclamation point to show your superiority and frustration, take breath and count to three. Let's be a group that supports each other instead of alienating new users.
  4. I'm absolutely loving my HX Stomp for leading worship with acoustic guitar. But, as amazing as it sounds, I still have not been able to replicate the true acoustic quality I was getting with my LR Baggs Align Series Pedals. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going back to my previous system. This thing is just too sweet. Now that the Helix Core is all the same across platforms, I wonder if they will start working on some acoustic amp and pedal modeling. The Session pedals put out some amazing acoustic tones. The Fishman Aura is also pretty popular and has some great tones available. I use the LR Baggs Anthem in my Taylor 815, so IRs are not a good option for me because of the mic component of the pickup. (But they sound great on my GS Mini with the Expression system) Is there a forum or platform for making requests/recommendations to Line 6? I think the acoustic market could be huge!
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