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  1. I'll call the UK service center tomorrow, not sure if they will be able to provide any cost estimates without seeing the unit. Anyone got experience with getting out of repairs and costs?
  2. Hi Helix Community I bought my first helix floor (used) on Friday and love the unit but noticed an issue. If I have been using the unit for a period of time, and turn it off and then on again (2-5 secs later) it often does not boot. The scribble strips light up, but the LED panel is dark. If I turn off the unit for a period of 10sec-2mins (varies) and then power on it boots normally. I contacted helix support, who guided me through a flash reimage and factory defaulting (which didnt help). They suspect a hardware issue. My question to the community is has anyone else seen or heard of a similar issue? I know the "real life" requirements to power off and turn straight back on are very small. And its no big hardship to wait for bit of time for rebooting. However given the unit cost and that hardware issues may get worse over time I'm concerned. Given the symptoms it sounds like maybe there a capacitor not discarding or something similar. Thoughts and comments welcome. Thanks Daniel
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