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  1. Hi everyone! Finally, got a HX Stomp, mostly because of lastet update and new reverb tank - "Hot spring" is amazing! I am in process of rebuilding my presets - Im trying to recreate presets and sounds that I have used to while using old Zoom G3. And while doing this - I faced some strange difficulties. So, I have some questions, hope you can help me. I use mostly the stomp mode - and I need to list some presets sometimes. 1) Most important one: why in Command Center I can assign FS "press-hold" action for snapshot listing - but I cant do same thing for presets? I want to use FS bypass mode on press and "next preset" on hold - but I cant. I only can use it for snapshots, or looper etc but not for presets. Why? Is there some reason for not having "press-hold" mode in Command Center for presets? Or, maby, "hold" FS action for changing modes? Also, possibility of "mode change" (for switching between stomp mode/snapshot mode/preset mode) can be great. 2) Why I cant separate tuner and tap/tempo? I never use tap-tempo on stage, I use tap-tempo only while creating new presets and dont need this on stage during gigs. But I do use my bigsby bar a lot - and I need to use a tuner sometimes. Why I cant separate them and use, for example, "press" FS3 for bypass/enable assigned effect - and "hold" for tuner? I used to this when I was using Zoom G3 and Zoom MS pedals - but it seems that it is impossible on HX stomp: if I assign some FS, FS3 for example, to "tap-tempo/tuner" mode - only this actions can be made. But for other actions - actions in Command Center have greater priority: if I use FS2 for bypass effect and assign in Command Center "press-release" action for preset change - I will get preset change on pressing FS2 because Command Center action overrides FS bypass assign. But - if I use FS3 for tap-tempo/tuner and do the same (press-release for preset change on FS3) - Command Center actions will be ignored completely on FS3 - only tap-tempo on press and tuner on hold. Why it does not override in this situation? Because of 1 and 2 - I have to use external FS4+FS5 footswitch for same situations in which only three switches were enough when I used Zoom G3. This is not very comfortable.
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