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  1. Hello all I have had my Helix LT for a while now and been using that through an FRFR speaker which has been fine but I miss the compression and low down power of a valve amp so recently bought a used DT25 combo. I have linked the L6 cable between the helix and the amp and (as I expected) it doesn't sound great just as it is. I would like to use the built in channel A/B and I-IV amp types in the DT25 in conjunction with the amp's other settings and the effects in the helix. I have tried bypassing the amp blocks in my presets but can't find a way of channel switching or changing the parameters of each of the DT25 amp models directly (I have managed to find the I-IV amp modes in the helix settings but still can't find out how I change and store channel and tone settings to a patch). If I plug the helix directly into the 1/4" input on the amp, I can obviously choose amp types directly but that doesn't solve my channel switching and amp parameters - it also has accentuated hugely the sounds of the delay and modulation effects - the trails and repeats are much longer and sound completely differently directly into the amp than they did directly into the FRFR. So my questions are simple (though I suspect the answers will not be) --- for an idiot who's still relatively new to this (and has no experience of midi connectivity), is there an easy way for me to connect the helix to the amp using L6 and then channel switching and storing amp parameters to preset patches and snapshots? If so, is there a really basic guide out there I can follow which has baby steps in it (or even better a video, though I haven't been able to find anything on youtube)? I have tried to create a new blank patch and tried using the command controls to try and emulate channel switching by trying to interpret the midi implementation guide from the line6 site but that has had no effect either - like I say, I have no experience of using midi and don't even know if midi commands will go through the L6 cable or if I need to also have the midi in / out connections from the amp to the helix to make this work the way I'd like. My DT25 is updated to firmware 2.0 and my helix is currently running 3.11 but I see a new release came out yesterday so will update to that soon. Thanks for any help provided by you more experienced users and please be gentle with me :-) Peter
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